More Regency Stays

Apparently I am fixated on making myself a functional pair of short regency stays.

I’m in the middle of a third (handsewn!) attempt right now (see attempt one, attempt two). For most costumers this process would be fairly simple but it just hasn’t been for me. My first pair gave me a nice enough shape but the centre front bones were pretty uncomfortable when lounging around on the grass while reenacting. The second pair, the daffodown dilly stays, had pretty much the same problem. The wooden busk, while shorter than the spring steel bones of my first attempt, was still ridiculously uncomfortable while sitting on the ground. I want to be able to MOVE in these things. I’m portraying a working class woman so I don’t believe I should have to sacrifice movement in order to wear a supportive garment. I’ve collected a (very) few images of women on campaign and they all show women bending and lifting in a way I wouldn’t be able to with a long (or even medium) length busk without some serious lack of comfort.


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