Training Log: September 29

Squats did not go well last night. And boy did it bug me!!! I was in such a funk about it but I had two other wins that day that I should really care much more about than that one failed squat.

The first one is that I kept calories nice and low where I want them right now. I’m trying to cut weight again as I gained ten pounds or so over the summer. Some of that is obviously muscle since my squat and deadlift improved a ton so I’m trying to preserve that as much as I can. Keeping my calories low is really difficult for me. I love cooking and delicious things and could never eat intuitively because I’m nearly always hungry. But I ended the day at 1620 calories which is great! I did good!

Also I benched 30kg for 7 which is the weight I failed at three times at my ill-fated meet in June. I don’t like attention and getting up on the platform to perform was really difficult for me, obviously, but not really a failure of strength. Every time I bench lately I prove that to myself again and again. So benching went well, diet was excellent and I failed a squat. No biggee. At least it shouldn’t be.


Training Log: September 27


I did it! I finally broke five miles! I brought a snack this time which clearly contributed to my success. I listened to a whole bunch of podcast episodes while walking and really focused on bracing my knees this time. Believe it or not my walking form needs work! After my last couple of hikes I had soreness at the back of my knees from hyperextending my knees as I walk. A little bit of focus has helped immensely and I’m not feeling any soreness the day after which is awesome.


I really can’t get over all this gorgeousness. I’m trying to drink in as much fall weather as I can before the winter snows get here. I’m hoping to do some cross-country skiing in a few months though. I never got around to that last winter and I hear these trails convert nicely to ski trails. I can believe it!

Training Log: September 25

New PR!!! Somolov continues to provide dividends apparently! I haven’t deadlifted in five or six weeks so I’m pleased to see that I haven’t totally forgotten everything. There’s a few obvious issues with my form but I was really testing myself so I’m not too upset. I don’t have the strongest back muscles but hopefully more deadlifts will help with that. I also did ten minutes of cardio on the rowing machine. It reminded me of how much I liked rowing. I should do it more often.

Meal planning: September week four recipe costs

So on my meal plan for this week is a pot of French onion soup and a batch of pumpkin muffins.


French Onion Soup

  • Onions – $3.72
  • Beef base – $1.77
  • Flour  – $0.03
  • Worchestershire sauce – $0.10
  • Salt – $0.05
  • Bay leaf – free! From my mother’s plant

Total: $5.67 Makes 10 servings so $0.57 per bowl and is 208 calories a bowl. I serve it with a slice homemade bread ($0.10?) plus a slice of swiss cheese melted ($0.50) for a total of $1.17 for a meal. Can’t get much better than that!

Pumpkin Muffins*

  • Flour $0.18
  • Sugar $0.20
  • Brown sugar $0.20
  • Coconut oil $0.50
  • Baking soda, baking powder, salt, spices, vanilla extract $0.75
  • Eggs $0.42
  • Pumpkin $1.64

Total: $3.89 Makes a dozen muffins so $0.32 per muffin and they’re 224 calories each.

*I lost one of the receipts for this so I’m guessing quite a bit unfortunately.


Training log: September 24

Another hike today! The weather is so gorgeous I just want to get out there whenever I can. It’s fun run season though and I had to wind my way through two different runs this morning. I got a late start though so it’s my own fault I guess. Coffee in bed just seemed so much more important this morning than hitting the trail by 8:30. Well maybe it was this time.


I failed again to get all the way to five miles. I fully intended to get there but I got hungry halfway through! I guess next time I will pack a snack.


Meal planning: September week four


The last week of the month is always tight for my grocery budget. I do that on purpose though. It’s a fun challenge and every month I get better at it! Coming up this week:

  • Whole wheat bread
  • French onion soup
  • Vanilla “latte” oatmeal
  • Pumpkin muffins
  • Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Tis the season for pumpkin everything! I have a dinner party to go to next Friday so I’ll bring the coffee cake to that. I’ll toast up the bread with some cheese to go with the French onion soup at lunch.

I don’t generally plan for my dinners. I have a lot of frozen dinners prepped in the freezer plus my evening plans are usually busy and fluid which makes planning challenging. Instead I have a few quick recipes that I can make using pantry or freezer staples so that’s been working fairly well so far.

Anyway that’s the plan! I need to pick up some onions for the soup but that’s about it. Not a bad end to the month.

Training Log: September 21


Benched for the first time in forever!! It’s been at least six weeks but luckily I hadn’t forgotten everything in the interim. Warmed up a bit and managed three triples at 30kg which is the weight I totally failed to bench at my one and only competition a few months ago. It was definitely nerves that day. I’ll have to figure out a way to train mentally if I’m ever going to compete at another meet. I arched, I squeezed, I pressed, but I definitely feel my weakest benching. It’s a vicious cycle. I dislike benching so I don’t train it so I get worse at it so I dislike benching…

Also I did 30min/13 miles on the bike and then I went home and promptly passed out on the couch. I’ve been properly exhausted this week for some reason.