Re-working a Black Linen Suit

I’ve had this suit for a few of years now. I bought it “for job interviews” but I’ve rarely worn it. It’s got some classic lines and the fabric is good quality but there’s not much interest. I took the jacket in at the sides at one point but now I think it’s a bit to small! I’ll probably open up the lining and fix that first.

I think I bought it a size larger in order to accommodate my larger bust size and as a consequence it’s too large in some places. It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture with my hands on my hips but perhaps you can see. I’m wondering if the shoulders might be a bit too broad as well. I really don’t want to open that up and fiddle with it unless I have to. What do you all think?

The pants are just awkward. I hemmed them at some point but now they’re just to short. Maybe I’ve grown since I first altered this? Since it’s too small in various places? I haven’t had it that long… Anyway the pants are too short and too wide. Some women can really rock the wide-legged look but I don’t think I’m on of them. I’m going to cut these down and narrow them and that with the longer hem should improve them quite a bit.

The final thing I want to do is add some interest. It’s a nice suit but it’s boring. I might of adding some black grosgrain ribbon that will contrast texture-wise but not necessarily colour-wise. I’m thinking I’d add it to the top portion of the notched collar and mitre it around the corner. I also thought I might add some of the same ribbon ruched on the pockets of the jacket. I don’t want it to be too poofy however, like the style with one line of stitching down the middle, but rather something with both edges stitched down so it lies more flat.

This is kind of the style of trim I was thinking of

I’ll have to find some ribbon that’s fine enough to gather well. Grosgrain might be too thick for this. I’ll have to see what I can find. I think once I make these changes this suit would be much more suited to job interviews!

Mini Mint Machine

I bought a new sewing machine! I couldn’t bring mine with me because I didn’t have the space in my luggage and it wouldn’t plug in here anyway. I bought a John Lewis Mini.

It’s a very simple machine but it serves my purposes well. I’m working on some combinations which you can see being sewn there. Also, that is Mad Men on my laptop.

You might have noticed the picture in my post about my day book of the combinations. I’m making a pair modeled off of those on page 250 of Costume in Detail. I tried a new seam treatments. I made french seams then pressed them flat and sewed them down so that there are no seam allowances floating around. I have this strange compulsion to completely encase seams of my undergarments. I’ve always done that since I started sewing medieval chemises way back when. I also committed a cardinal sin and did not wash or dry the fabric before I used it. However the laundry facilities here are ridiculously expensive so I’ll just have to hand wash these in the future. I never wear the stuff I sew anyway!

I’ll do a proper post about the combinations when I’m finished them. In the mean time, I’m enjoying my new toy!