Thanksgiving and Meal Prep: October week two

Thanksgiving weekend just happened and it was lovely!


I had a great long weekend and I sewed/altered four garments! And I listed eight things in my etsy shop!

As far as meal prepping goes, thanksgiving leftovers are the name of the game this week! I finally ate up the last of that batch of pumpkin muffins so I tried out a new recipe and made some Oat and Nut Muffins. See my clever use for leftover cranberry sauce?


I snuck some pea protein powder in these things and they are quite tasty for only 165 calories! A bit on the small side I must admit but good for snacking.

I bought some apples and milk but that’s about everything for the week. Lunches and dinners will be Thanksgiving leftovers and leftover turkey frittata supplemented by soup and bread from the freezer. I’m rounding out breakfasts with frozen baked oatmeal or yogurt with cranberry sauce and granola. No cost breakdowns this time I’m afraid. Thanksgiving food and decorations cost me about $60 and the milk and eggs ran me another $6. Everything else came from my very well stocked kitchen. The fact that I am completely out of freezer space definitely has nothing to do with the fact that I’m trying to eat what I’ve got in the kitchen. Totally unrelated.

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