Meal Plan: October Week One

I’m a bit late posting my meal plan for this week but here it is:


I have a great big bag of carrots that I bought in early September so I decided to make carrot soup for lunches this week and use some up. I’m pairing that with hard boiled eggs instead of bread in an effort to change out some carb calories for protein calories. I still have some pumpkin muffins from last week and thanks to the 1/2 cup of coconut oil that went into that recipe, the muffins have kept very well in the fridge. I also got some Macintosh apples on sale this weekend as well. I keep trying out other fruits like pears or bananas and nothing seems to last well enough. Good thing I like apples!

Carrot and lentil soup

  • 20g Olive oil $0.20
  • 115g Onions $0.13
  • 350g Carrots $0.63
  • 185g Red lentils $0.61
  • 1 28oz can Diced tomatoes $1.00
  • 2L Vegetable stock $2.00
  • Spices (turmeric, cinnamon, paprika etc) $0.15

Total cost for 7 servings: $4.72

Per serving: $0.68, plus an egg ($0.21) is $0.88 per meal. Lunches this week will be 290 calories and 20g of protein.

Looking at this weeks plan the cost for a day of food will look something like this:

Breakfast (280 calories, 15g protein, ~$0.65)

  • 100g Homemade yogurt
  • 30g Homemade granola

Lunch (300 calories, 20g protein, $1)

  • Carrot and lentil soup
  • Hardboiled egg
  • Sugar free jello

Snack (312 calories, 5g protein, $0.72)

  • Pumpkin muffin
  • Apple

Dinner (458 calories, 21g protein, ~$2.50)

  • White bean and sausage soup
  • 60g Garlic bread with 5g parmesan

Dessert (176 calories, 29g protein, ~$1.07)

  • 100g Homemade yogurt
  • 25g Protein powder

Daily totals: 1527 calories, 91g protein, $5.94.

I’ll probably throw in more jello or fudge the dinner numbers a bit but those are the rough numbers for the week. I’ll also likely have the carrot soup for dinner a couple of times. I had imagined I could keep my food costs under $5 a day so this is a bit higher than I’d like. I’ll keep an eye on future weeks and see if that’s a reasonable expectation. I’d like to keep my budget reasonable and sustainable so looking at real data helps me figure that out. Speaking of sustainable: I went to Costco for my quarterly visit and now I have $15 for groceries for the rest of the month. Whoops!

The soup looks yummy!

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