Training Log: September 29

Squats did not go well last night. And boy did it bug me!!! I was in such a funk about it but I had two other wins that day that I should really care much more about than that one failed squat.

The first one is that I kept calories nice and low where I want them right now. I’m trying to cut weight again as I gained ten pounds or so over the summer. Some of that is obviously muscle since my squat and deadlift improved a ton so I’m trying to preserve that as much as I can. Keeping my calories low is really difficult for me. I love cooking and delicious things and could never eat intuitively because I’m nearly always hungry. But I ended the day at 1620 calories which is great! I did good!

Also I benched 30kg for 7 which is the weight I failed at three times at my ill-fated meet in June. I don’t like attention and getting up on the platform to perform was really difficult for me, obviously, but not really a failure of strength. Every time I bench lately I prove that to myself again and again. So benching went well, diet was excellent and I failed a squat. No biggee. At least it shouldn’t be.


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