My Summer Balcony Garden

dsc_0029I tried something new this summer and grew some green things on my balcony. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for ages and I continue to dream plan for having a kitchen garden someday. I planted a few different things this summer, but looking back I realize that I approached it all wrong. I had visions of a productive plot of land that I harvest and preserve from like Patrice does but guess what, a 2x6m balcony isn’t really the best place for that sort of thing (shocker). So I planted stubby carrots and peas and cucumbers and imagined I’d have pickles about now. It didn’t quite work out that way. However I learned a ton and I’m ready to try again next season! My key lesson: don’t be greedy.

Next season I’m going to plant more kale and lettuces, little bits of this and that, some herbs… I’m going to really space and thin things out properly and recognize that I have some space limitations and can only produce so much! I need to be less greedy with my time and check in on my garden more often, maybe in the mornings. I had things get both too much and too little water this season somehow. Some more time and attention should help with that. I still have a ton of seeds left over so I should only be ordering some kale seeds and maybe some more flowers come February. I was surprised how much satisfaction I got from planting pretty things so, more flowers!

I made soup with the stubby carrots.


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