Meal Planning: September, week three

I definitely want to write about my food.


I definitely want to write about my food. I spend a whole heck of a lot of my precious precious time thinking about, reading about and making food. Not so much with the eating though, that usually happens pretty quickly. I like to make things from scratch because it’s (usually) fun for me and often also cheaper than buying things ready-made. On that last point, I’d like to start tracking food costs more closely to better see when my efforts make it worth it.

I do a lot of prep-cooking and freezer cooking in an attempt to make my time more efficient. It usually works! As long as I remember to actually turn on the slow-cooker… I also happily use technology to streamline the food-making I do. I use a meal-planning website called Plan to Eat to organize my recipes and shopping lists. It does the job so well that I’m thrilled to pay for this service despite my tight budget. I highly recommend you give a free trial with those fine folks a go, if you’re interested at all.


Not too much excitement happening here. I do my shopping early Saturday mornings because I hate people for maximum efficiency so that necessitates a Friday-night planning session. I have almost everything I need for the week coming. The blue box indicates a recipe while the grey an ingredient, which both end up on my shopping list all split into nice categories like produce, condiments, dry goods… It makes for very happy shopping.


And yes I make my own frozen pizzas.

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