Summer 2013

So I suppose I owe the internet an update! I successfully completed my thesis and graduated with merit from the University of Glasgow! It seems ages ago now that I was over in the UK but I guess it wasn’t really all that long ago. Since graduation I’ve been keeping busy with volunteering and I recently completed an internship at the Agnes Etherington Art Center on Queen’s University campus. I assisted with a risk assessment and a condition survey of the costume collection they have there and it truly was a dream! It was such a shame that it was so short! I love to work with the collection and the institution in the future! Also, Kingston was awesome. I very quickly settled in and took advantage of the wonderful community they have there.

Currently I’m interning at the Canadian Conservation Institute and doing some work in private practice on the side! I’m continuing to apply for all the textile conservation jobs that I can and I’m eager to hear back from the institutions I’ve written to over the past month. It looks to be  busy summer!

I’ve also been able to find some time to sew a dress or two – a couple of n vintage vogue pattern reprints and a trapeze dress. Hopefully I’ll get a post or two up on them soon! Also I planted peas which is turning out to be an increasingly satisfying endeavor.

Take care Dear Readers, I’ll write again soon.


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