More Fabric Shopping

This past Saturday I went fabric shopping(again) with one of the other stagiaires here. I got some of the things on my list!

From left to right: white silk satin, charcoal silk taffeta, blue silk satin, white cotton.

The white satin and charcoal taffeta are for the that 1790’s dress I posted about. It was very satisfying finding these two because they are exactly what I was looking for, no compromises! I picked the white stain out of a number white satins that had slight hints of blue and pink. This one is ever so slightly off white and contrasts nicely with the charcoal without being blinding. The charcoal is great too as it is a medium weight taffeta and lighter than the other options. It should gather nicely. Now I need to find some spangle for this!

The blue satin is for some 1940’s underthings. I was hoping to find a nice dusky rose colour but nothing looked right and I was a little afraid of getting a colour that clashed with my skin tone. Pink is not a colour I’ve played with much. In hindsight cream might have been a bit more accurate but oh well too late! This project could also use some lace. I saw some in one of the stores we were in, I might go back and get a few metres.

The white cotton might seem boring but I picked it up because it was a very nice  high thread count, but light cotton. It’s perfect for underthings! I’ll probably use some of this for my Edwardian underthings, whenever I get around to them!

Now I need to go investigate mailing options to get all this home…


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