Swing Dress Finished

Well I was going to do a sort of dress diary with this but that pretty quickly fell by the wayside. I did one in progress post which you can find here.

In the meantime I’ll just summarize the changes I made.

  • Shortened the skirt by 6 inches. This is a pretty drastic change to the pattern so I used the lengthen/shorten line and reshaped the skirt panels.
  • I took 4 cm out of the length of the bodice front and two out of the back. (sometimes I work in both inches and cm don’t ask me why…)
  • Did a bit of reshaping of the pattern pieces around the shoulder detail. The pattern pieces didn’t quite match up but luckily it was in a way that there was to much fabric not to little!
  • I eliminated the shoulder pads. My shoulders are slightly square so I think it still kept the 40’s look.

I thought I’s have to fiddle with the sleeve fullness but I ended up not having to. I do feel they stick up just a tad to much but maybe not. Thoughts dear readers?

Am I being to picky?

I also did a lapped side zipper à la Gertie. I went with the “hand picked” option. In hindsight the zipper is a bit on the short side but it’s not a big deal.

I also changed my fabric choice at the last minute at the silk I had selected was a)silk and therefore a little odd for a war-time dress and b)the weave was a little rough for the nice delicate gathers I wanted to do. However this cotton is just that little bit to stiff for a nicely draped skirt. I’m hoping it will soften a bit with wear but we’ll have to see.

This pattern took quite a bit of editing to get it to the point that it is at now. Part of that is me trying to achieve a certain fit but part is the pattern. I was a bit disappointed at the lack of accuracy in the hand-drawn lines after it had been enlarged and printed out. I also had quite a bit of trouble taping the pieces together after printing them out on A4 paper here despite the fact that the pattern was supposed to be good for both European and North American paper. That being said I still feel that it was a worthwhile purchase as the shoulder detail would be difficult to draft on my own and the pattern was accurate enough for the skirt that I feel the scale is just what I wanted. I’m already thinking about making another one!

I’m still hunting for that silk satin to make slip. I’m thinking I’ll extrapolate this pattern for it.


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