"My" exhibit opened yesterday and myself, some of the staff and other stagiaires went to see the finished result. I’m pretty proud of this exhibit (despite the fact that I had very little to do with the exhibit design or mounting) because I did most of the conservation work.

Check out the rest of my pictures of the exhibit on my flickr account here.


3 thoughts on “Versailles

  1. Oh my gosh!! Gorgeous! All of it! I am so jealous you got to work with all those amazing things. And at Versailles! 🙂 I liked how the bases of the stands were mirrored, more ways to see the clothes! What kind of lights are those? I’m sure they’re not too hot or they wouldn’t be so close to the clothes. They really do give a nice ambiance. Thanks for sharing! It’s very inspiring to me, especially as I’m now contemplating switching from book to textile conservation myself!

    1. I found the lighting to be one of the most interesting aspects of the exhibit from both a conservation and exhibit design perspective. I should really ask for some details…

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