Swing Dress Mockup – Round One

So I started the mockup of the swing dress. It`s been slow going but hey, I’m doing this by hand! I slipped it on once I got the bodice cobbled together and immediately saw that the bodice was too long. I kind of expected this because I’m a bit short waisted and the pattern notes that the bodice tends to be on the long side. I took up the bodice a bit right away so no pictures of that but I do have pictures since then.

Under a cut because of my super messy hair…

Please excuse my generally disheveled appearance…

What I’ve changed so far:
I took in the length of the bodice by 2cm.

What I’m going to change:
I’m going to bring the centre of the midriff section up a bit and take in some the fullness in the middle of the bodice. I might bring up the midriff section at the sides as well. And the armscyes.. well I’ll get to those when I start looking at the sleeves

What I’ve changed: I brought up the length of the back by 2cm. I have turned the darts in the skirt into tucks for now.What I’m going to change: I’m not sure if I want to shorten the back some more and play with the volume. I’m basically not used to loose fitting things so this will be a bit experimental. I also haven’t included the ties in this version which, when tied, might give me more of a waist back there without having to take out more fullness. I’m reserving judgement on this one for the moment.

The skirt was ridiculously too long. I had to take out six inches or so. To do that I used that handy dandy lengthen/shorten line on the pattern because it was such a large amount. This means that I didn’t loose the fullness at the hem as simple hemming would have. I took the skirt completely apart and cut new skirt pieces from the old ones and I’m now in the process of putting it back on.

I also basically just didn’t follow the instructions and forgot to take in a little 1/8 inch dart at the back neckline. I’m not sure if that’s actually necessary. Later I took it through the facing and everything but I don’t think it makes much of a difference. I may also revisit this later

I should also note that my pattern pieces at the tricky shoulder/neckline seams basically didn’t line up at all. Luckily it was error on the side of too much fabric rather than to little but I did find that that there was 1/2 or more difference on most of the seams. I would probably chalk that up to error tranferring the pattern to tissue as the lines of the paper pattern are quite thick and 2 milimetres here and there could have quickly added up.

All in all progress is being made. I’ll keep updating when I am able although I still don’t have reliable internet access… *grumbles*


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