Still here!

Sorry for the lack of posting. The past three weeks have been pretty crazy between the end of classes, packing up/stressing about getting my French visa in time, and finally arriving in Paris and getting my bearings. Of course I got my visa at the very last minute. It definitely brought back memories of last August trying to get my UK visa in a similarly short period of time.

(Also internet is sketchy/expensive *whimper*)

It’s been a nice couple of weeks hanging out with my parents and doing various touristy things in between other more serious matters like finding a place to live for the summer and reporting to the police here as per my visa requires. So far things are coming together and I start my first day of work tomorrow. No idea what that’s going to be like. It will be nice to have a regular schedule again though.

I did some cool stuff with my parents in Glasgow in the few days we were there. We went and saw Edinburgh castle which was fun however I found it very similar to Stirling castle. If I had to choose I’d recommend Stirling over Edinburgh since is was much less crowded and had the same great facilities.


This sign was down the street from my residence and I hadn’t noticed it until nearly my last day in glasgow.
I had forgotten that John A. Macdonald was Scottish!

We wandered in here a little. This is next to the church that had the John A. Macdonald plaque
There were some really gorgeous daffodils. At this point, our lawn in Ottawa is still covered in snow.
It was a pretty, quiet little place.

We also went to the Kelvingrove Museum. (Hi Mom and Dad!)

They  had an organ concert on when we were visiting

 It was pretty cool


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