Pictures of Edinburgh Castle

Just some pictures because I’m late putting this up and can’t remember many details except that it was super windy. I mean gale-force people!


It’s totally built right out of the rock

And it was hilly (can you spot me?)

And there was some of this

And lots of this


I actually can’t remember if this was in castle. I think so… (I’m getting old)

Some cool views

This is the chapel and war memorial. It was built after the First World War
and has some interesting architecture both inside and out.

There was a really amazing three-dimensional sculpture that hung from the ceiling
over an altar. It was really quite amazing. You really need to walk around
it to get the full effect. No pictures were allowed however, out of respect for the dead.

Ok so this image requires a bit of explanation. You see, one of the main exhibits in Edinburg castle is an exhibit about the Scottish crown jewels. This image is an example of what most of the exhibit looked like. Lots of mannequins and props. Almost no actual artifacts. Aside from the crown jewels themselves there was only one actually artifact on display. Not my kind of exhibit unfortunately!

Still, there was this

and this

and this (yes there were not one, but two massive fireplaces open to the public)

Name that Monarch!

That’s all Scotland! Until September!

Paris here I come!!!


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