DPP progress

Well I’ve pretty much resigned myself to not getting this finished in time for the contest deadline. I’m still hoping to enter, just with a much plainer entry. Here’s the plan:

  • Combinations – complete
  • Corset – complete
  • Train supporter – complete
  • Petticoat – complete
  • Skirt – complete except for trimming
  • Bodice

The original plan was to have an additional overskirt but that’s not going to happen and neither are the trimmings on the skirt or the bodice. I want to have the bodice put together though. I made up the pattern this weekend and started construction this evening. I’ll just have to see how far I’m going to get.

And can I saw what a dream it has been to drape this bodice?? Relatively speaking of course! I sized up an example from The Cut of Women’s Clothes (which I left at home so I can’t look up the page right now) and it fit really well in a lot of ways. I only really needed one mockup! Of course my failure has always been over-fitting which is a definite advantage for this type of dress!

I’m super proud of myself for not putting pressure on myself about this. I’m really proud of the work that I’m done so far and the super-accurate details. I’m really not concerned about the deadline. I mean, it would be nice to have the bodice finished in time but if not oh well! I’ll still have a fabulous dress in the end. I’m also really looking forward to seeing the other entries!


Here are the train supporter, petticoat and skirt laid out on my bed. I tried and utterly
failed to get a picture of myself in this thing. It’s incredible how much
space this thing takes up! Since this picture was taken I’m finished the hem on the skirt.

I want to make the little godets like on this example. I think I’ve got it patterned correctly.

Here are the godets in progress. The one on the right has the pleats stitched down.
The one on the right has the upper loose layer flipped up so you can see the
calico strength layer underneath. Both are also lined in a layer of the green
and the basting stitches that you can see on the right-hand one are attaching the lining.

Here I’m holding it sort of how it’s going to look. It shouldn’t be as dramatic as the
original image. I’m planing to bone the seams on either side of the godets so that they stand up like this.


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