1870’s hair mockup

In preparation for my Douple Period Project entry I did a mockup of my hair today. I used the series of articles poublished in YWU as my starting point and source for ispiration. For the hair pieces I used two straight falls that look like this. Mine are synthetic and I got them a couple of years ago when I worked in a costume shop. I twisted both into chiognon’s and layered one on top of the other. This forms the real mass of the haistyle.


In order to support this weighty hairpiece I section my hair from ear to ear across the crown of my head. Most of the back section I pulled into a high ponytail but a small section at the nape of the neck I kept separate for the curls that hang down. I then braided the ponytail and wraped that sround into a small bun right on the crown of my head. The hairpiece gets laid on top of this and pinned into the small bun. This helps to anchor it. the front section of my hair I parted in the centre. Each section I twisted and wrapped around the middle of the hairpiece. This too helps to support the hairpiece and keep it on my head. I then attempted some pin curls for my bangs but they didn’t turn out so well.

If you enlarge this image you can see the hairnet I used to keep the hairpiece neat. I used black ones
because that’s what I had on hand but I replace them with brown ones eventually.

I used these curlers left over from my Irish dancing days. I find the work quite well for ringlets.

Next Time I Will…
  • replace the black hairnet with a brown one
  • use gel to smooth out my own hair and to set the curls
  • sent the bangs in a different, yet-to-be-determined way.

Thanks owed to my Dad for helping me with my wig stand today!


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