Visit to the newly renovated textile labs

The view from my classroom window

On Thursday last, myself and my fellow students had the chance to visit the newly renovated labs. I totally cannot wait to get in there and get to work! Like one of my profs said, now that we have seen the space we’ll get, we’re all the more disastisfied with the space we have!

The labs are an L-shape with equal length "arms". One arm is divided into two with one room for the technical art history students and one for the first year textile students (that’s us!!). The other arm is for second year textile students and will be broken in by us next year. Off of both rooms, in the square space between the arms, are smaller wet labs and offices and such. It’s a lovely space with lots of light. It seems very large right now but when all the equipment from the TCC arrives I’m sure it will be packed full.

The first year lab

Another view of the first year lab
One of the wet labs

The second year space


All of us (except me)

I also had tea in this place Friday morning. Isn’t it cool? I swear none of the churches in this country are actually churches anymore!


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