Costume Mounting

I am beyond excited for this Friday’s practical class! We’re doing costume mounting AND I was assigned a 1780’s pet en l’air! (Also I get to do it by myself so I’m selfishly looking forward to being able to take charge and do what I want). This will also be my first contact with an 18th century piece of costume. I’m definitely taking my camera and hopefully I’ll be able to post the pictures here – image permissions and all that. I kinda wish I had some of my books here to guide me but I’m also thinking that I should let the piece itself guide me. I’ve only seen a front image so I really don’t know the size of the piece but it could have alterations and such that require particular attention. I’ll just have to wait and see!

In other news, the school term is wrapping up, only three weeks left. I really need to get cracking on my assignments.

I’ve been sewing on a few 1812 pieces that I’m hoping to have done before I leave for Christmas (also in about three weeks). I still cling to the idea of attending some reenactments here and I want to be prepared with an outfit should the opportunity arrive. On the other hand I may or may not be relocating to France for my internship which means I need to cut down on my baggage wherever possible so it’s a serious balancing act!

Well I’m off to do a presentation on my not-a-dissertation-topic literature review – wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Costume Mounting

  1. Sounds amazing! I’m quite envious.
    I attended a talk by two of the ROM’s textiles preparators a couple weeks ago which was really interesting. I really want to go to the textile gallery now and look closely at all the mounts.
    If you can post pictures I would definitely love to see them! I’ll keep an eye out.

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