Mini Mint Machine

I bought a new sewing machine! I couldn’t bring mine with me because I didn’t have the space in my luggage and it wouldn’t plug in here anyway. I bought a John Lewis Mini.

It’s a very simple machine but it serves my purposes well. I’m working on some combinations which you can see being sewn there. Also, that is Mad Men on my laptop.

You might have noticed the picture in my post about my day book of the combinations. I’m making a pair modeled off of those on page 250 of Costume in Detail. I tried a new seam treatments. I made french seams then pressed them flat and sewed them down so that there are no seam allowances floating around. I have this strange compulsion to completely encase seams of my undergarments. I’ve always done that since I started sewing medieval chemises way back when. I also committed a cardinal sin and did not wash or dry the fabric before I used it. However the laundry facilities here are ridiculously expensive so I’ll just have to hand wash these in the future. I never wear the stuff I sew anyway!

I’ll do a proper post about the combinations when I’m finished them. In the mean time, I’m enjoying my new toy!


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