Royal Mail, Royally Annoying

So I’ve ordered my books from amazon. I received most of them easily enough. The majority of them came together in a package that mysteriously appeared in front of my dorm room door. The sole remaining book was not delivered, instead one of those "sorry we missed you!" cards was left in my mail box. Since the branch I was supposed to go get my packages from has the weirdest hours I’ve ever seen, I was only able to go this morning, a week after the card appeared in my mail box. I get there at a11:30, an hour before they’re supposed to close to find the branch.. closed. Of course. It did look more like a distribution centre than a post office which might explain the odd hours. It’s totally weird.

Well I went on the Royal Mail website to try and figure this out. I discovered I can request a free re-delivery for a particular day. So that’s what I did. Hopefully next saturday I’ll receive my package. I still don’t know how I should expect to hear from them. It’s not like they can come and ring the doorbell! I might have to camp out in the lobby with a good book and wait and see. I’m determined to get my book!

In other news I altered my lab coat last night. I still have to add the sleeves back on but I’ll post here with a full report. It’s much improved!


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