Ahhh Residence… So restful

We had a fire alarm at 2am last night. Of course it had to be the night before my first day of classes. I was kinda nervous as well so what little sleep I had was restless. Honestly I was tempted to stay in my room when the alarm went off, since invariably the fire alarms are cause by someone’s stupidity. However, the alarms were just too piercing for that. It took half an hour for things to get sorted out. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining!

Well enough whining, I had class today! My first class was Principles and Practice with our chemistry professor. The class structure is different here. During my undergrad we had classes that occurred Monday-Wednesday-Friday at the same time for 50 minutes or Tuesday-Thursday for 80 minutes. I usually had 5 classes a term and one prof fro each class and each class was structured individually. Here I only have three classes a term. Two of them only last 2 hours a week while the third, Principles and Practice occurs three mornings a week and Friday afternoons. It’s also taught by two different professors with two areas of focus, chemistry and practical skills. The course texts are somewhat interchangeable and everything is sort or interconnected. I have all my classes with the same people since we textile students don’t have any electives. It’s a very different way of organizing things and I don’t know if that’s because this is postgraduate studies or because it’s a new institution for me. Everything is hard copy as well. There’s very little web-based document exchange. This is very different from Laurier where pretty much everything is posted online. That as well will take some getting used to since last year I was pretty much glued to my laptop.

Class was very fun this morning. We just generally looked at some objects and discussed how we might treat them etc. No scary chemistry – yet! I totally feel like I can handle this now. I’m so looking forward to this semester!

Also, I am throwing myself a Thanksgiving party in a few weeks. I need to figure out if I can buy a small turkey. I’ve seen chickens and geese in the grocery stores but no Turkeys. Hmmm…

Also I’m so tempted to go on the study day that Foundations Revealed is hosting. I’m here I might as well take advantage of it! I’ll have to miss some classes but it’s such an opportunity!  Real-life victorian Corsets! I’ll have to talk to my profs about it since I’d be missing two full days of classes at least.


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