Necropolis Pictures and a Vintage Dress

So today has been my third straight day shopping. This must cease. I have bought many items that I adore so… that’s enough! No more! I shall be virtuous and do something constructive tomorrow. I promised my pictures from the Necropolis and here they are!

This is the walkway over the valley from the hill the cathedral is on to the hill that the Necropolis is on.

That’s John Knox on the farther monument.

I bought these shoes on one of my shopping trips and I adore them! Girls around here don’t wear sneakers unless they’re converse-style trainers. They wear variations of boots like mine or uggs or flats or heels but only very occasionally sneakers. I’m planning on making these my everyday shoes partially beacuse I don’t want to feel like a stranger and partially because I love them so much!

I went to a vintage fashion sale today. The prices were a little high but I found the selection was good. I was never very good at vintage shopping in Ottawa. I never saw a selection like today’s before. I hope I can add some vintage pieces to my wardrobe while I’m here.

I don’t find that this picture really does the dress justice. I find it very flattering in person!

I don’t know if this label means anything but here it is.

All in all, a good day!


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