Settling In

I’m getting more comfortable in my new city. I can travel confidently on the subway (but don’t ask me about the buses!) and I’m managing to get my errands completed with a minimum of fuss. I’m even baking! It didn’t take me long to get acquainted with my oven. Even simple things like the oven and stove are completely new to me. I had a hard day yesterday where the newness of everything overwhelmed me, but I’ve reminded myself that everything is fine, there’s been no major screw-ups or issues that have not been resolved. I’ve set high standards for myself without even realizing it and I need to remember to relax and go with the flow. I knew this experience would be especially hard in some ways for me and while this has been proven true, I’ve kept moving forward.

Ok enough navel-gazing! I went to see a castle on Friday! It’s not a super old one, its most recent re-build was in the 18th century, but to my Canadian eyes it still had admirable antiquity. I must admit the complete absence of any medieval remnants in the city has disappointed me. Mind you, there’s a 17th century clocktower down the street from me so that’s pretty cool…

The castle I visited was Culzean (Pronounced cully-anne) castle. It was owned my a scottish noble family called the Kennedeys. A lady of the Kennedey was lady-in-waiting to Mary Queen of Scots apparently and the family first held the title of earl then marquess. I only took a few pictures but I thought I’d post them here.


I’ve done a little bit of sewing but nothing interesting enough to post about.

I just had a really irritating meeting on safety which could basically be condensed to “don’t be stupid” but since the majority of the people in the building are first years, it has to be said. I really hope that it wasn’t a mistake to chose to live here. It would have been so much better to live in a post-graduate only residence!


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