Sleeves are Hard

The Sewing:

Sleeves are very hard. At least these ones are. I tried one mockup and it just made me tired. Left to do is the hem, inside finishing on the bodice and sleeve. Luckily things came in the mail to distract me today!


I was just this morning wondering when the various things I ordered were going to arrive and then lo and behold – fabric distraction! On the left is some more hemp braid for a new bonnet from the Dressmaker’s Shop, next is some cotton sateen from Renaisance Fabrics for my Daffodown Dilly stays, and finally some blue cotton check and handkerchief linen from Wm. Booth Draper. The check cotton is destined to be a pinner apron and and linen for a new day cap and one of those cute eighteenth century shifts with the elbow length sleeves with a cuff.

I’ve already started on the new bonnet – it will be really similar to the green one except better. I’m taking more care with this one and I’ve learned a lot since I made the first one.

The Sundry:

I still do not have a visa. At this point I have no idea what on earth is going on or when I could expect to hear from them. Bummer.

In better news a couple of my friends are throwing me a going away party which I am really looking forward to! It should be a fun time.


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