More (exciting) Sundry:

I got my CAS statement which means I can apply for my visa which means that if the worst case scenario happens and the visa does take three weeks to process I’ll still be able to travel when I want to!

Which means I need to:
-apply for a visa
-book a flight
-apply for residence (luckily I’m guaranteed a place)
-PACK (uuugggg….)
-deal with the fact that I’ll be out of the country for two years

Not an insurmountable task list…

…I hope


4 thoughts on “Yay!

    1. That’d be pretty funny if we did end up in the same place! Any ideas on where you’d like to do your grad studies? I keep trying to think of thesis ideas but all I come up with are costume history topics which is not a road that I want to go down… There is no way I’d enjoy academia! I’m dreaming of internships at the V&A and the Bath Costume Museum though *siiiiiigh*

      1. I have my heart set on the program at NYU, but if for some crazy reason I don’t get it I’m thinking about Bard. They don’t have a MA in fashion history, but they do have one in the history of decorative arts and I’m told that you can make your focus fashion history. I really don’t like the program at FIT all that much so I don’t think I want to go there. So yeah, NYU all the way. Eeee I’ll be applying in a few months!
        I’m actually hoping to intern at the Bath Costume Museum next summer!

        1. I looked at studying in the US but unfortunately as an international student it was prohibitively expensive. I’m happy to be headed overseas though! Good luck with your application!

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