A Prize!

So I entered the 3×4 poster symposium that the faculty of arts is putting on. I won first prize at the undergraduate level! I’m really pleased with myself. It’s nice to receive such a positive response for work I’ve done especially since I have gotten bad news from UAlberta. Apparently they are no longer offering to teach conservation in that program. However they did say my application was impressive. I have decided to take them at their word and try not to blame myself too much. This prize definitely has helped to restore my confidence in myself. I am so ridiculous because they clearly stated in the letter that their reason for denying me admission was because they could not provide me with the education I want (and I wouldn’t accept anything less!) and yet I still feel as though I have failed somehow. I still haven’t heard from Queen’s. Had there been a positive response from them I would have expected to hear from them way before now, and I definitely expected a rejection letter this week. Who knows what is really going to happen… I’ve gotten more used to this uncertain future thing, and I have a plan for any eventuality. I feel confident enough to say that I think things will work out for the best in the end!


3 thoughts on “A Prize!

  1. Congrats on the poster! And don’t sweat it yet about Queen’s. They keep accepting people into April, so just because you haven’t heard yet, doesn’t mean it’s a no.
    I know you can do anything you put your mind to, so I’m glad you’re not worrying too much about the uncertain future thing. You’re brilliant. Life will work itself out for you, I guarantee it.

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