Size Twelve Needles

Just a quick post to talk about how much I loooooove tiny needles! I was going to work on my drawers next but I’m not quite satisfied with the materials I have on hand right now so I’m hesitating. Since I have so much time before I could potentially wear any of this I want to take it nice and slow and make things as perfect as I can. Instead of drawers I started on my cap. I’ll do a proper post on the finished project later but for now… OMG TINY NEEDLES ARE THE BEST THING EVARRR! I found a package of size twelve betweens in the back of my sewing drawer and they seem to enable me to make wee stitches like I’ve never made wee stitches before! I measured them and they’re less than a milimetre. Of course this means that it will take be forever and a day to finish this but heck I’m a patient person.

The proof:


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