Life and School update

So my grad school applications are done. I ended up applying to two schools, Queen’s for the Art Conservation program and UAlberta for the Textiles and Clothing program. I really don’t know which would be better for me. Who knows if I’m going to get in anywhere? The term is progressing quickly and I have a ton of work to do *sigh* I don’t see how I’m going to accomplish it all. My next big event is my french midterm this friday. Lots of revision to do over the next couple of days.

Issues with the Medieval Studies program have recently been causing drama on campus. Essentially, cost cutting measures taken by the administration are going to result in negative effects on many of the interdisciplinary programs offered at Laurier. As sad as I am to hear this I have come to the conclusion, after much thought, that these changes are inevitable. The budgetary situation at Laurier is dire and the time to remedy that is long past. The Faculty of Arts administration is doing everything it can to preserve the programs but there really isn’t much they can do. I’m just thankful that I am graduating from both the Archaeology and Medieval Studies programs when I am and before these significant changes.

In  costuming news, I’m making an 1860’s day dress in a slightly different style.

I got this image here:

What struck me about this image was the incredible simplicity. No piping, not even a waistband! I’m reinterpreting this simplicity into a day dress that could have been worn by an average woman. Although upon further reflection it might be quaker garb… I did a significant amount of piecing at the hem of the skirt in order to keep the skirt as long as possible. I only had 4 meters of the fabric to work with and I have used up nearly every scrap! I’ve got the bodice put together although I put pleats in instead of the darts in an effort to make it more of a work dress. I’ve tried grathered bodiced and they just don’t seem to work for me! I will post pictures of the finished project when it’s done. Did I mention I’m had sewing the whole thing?

So that’s the state of the nation here in Brenna-land. I hope those of you who had a reading week enjoyed it!


2 thoughts on “Life and School update

  1. I always love an update Brenna! The latest in Katherine-land is I’m recovering from a wicked stomach flu. It came with vomiting an everything gross. My first day back to school will be tomorrow.

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