The Future is Coming!!!

Uggg… So I’m contemplating the future again. I got another vote from a textile conservator I interviewed in favour of a Masters and I just went over the graduation requirements for my degree. I’m really wishing I had had the big picture view that I have now when I was in first year. I took courses I shouldn’t have bothered with and were basically a waste of time. I’ll make all my requirements but I thought I’d only have to take 4 courses a term in 4th year since I took 2.0 credits on my summer field school but it turns out that I’ll maybe be able to have one term with only 4 courses.

I’m tempted to look into taking a chemistry class this summer just to lessen the work I’d have to do in the term. I almost wish I could stay here for the summer just to fit another term in. *sigh* I’m thinking about going to see one of my profs just to talk things over and get some perspective.

Its really irritating that I just noticed a note in the academic calendar stating that a combination degree is a bad idea for students planning on continuing to grad school just as I decided that was the path I should try to take. Hopefully my interdisciplinary degree is appropriate for an interdisciplinary graduate field of study.


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