The village and a wig

I recently watched the movie The Village. I really enjoyed it. I’m not usually one for horror movies… ever… but The Village is not your typical horror movie. Sidenote: I would totally run off and found a village where I’d get to wear 1880’s style cotton dresses ALL THE TIME. My favourite scene is about 3 seconds long and at the very beginning where there are two girls sweeping a porch and they start spinning around their brooms. The one girl’s dress swirls really prettily!

I am done, done, done the 1780’s zone-front dress. I tacked the ruffles on to the sleeves a couple of nights ago. I’m really into finishing things lately, hopefully I can hang on to that urge for a little while. Inspired by demode ‘s post a little while ago about her wig styling I decided to give it a try. It didn’t turn out completely horrible! I’ll post pictures of the whole look once I get around to taking them.

Reading week is coming up! I have a ton of stuff to do before I leave but clearly lj is much more interesting…


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