A new masters program

So the Textile Conservation Center at Southampton University in England is closing (much to my disappointment as a prospective textile conservator). But I found out today that they’re trying to transplant “elements”(whatever that means) of the center to Oxford University. So Oxford University is added to my list of possible masters universities.



I’m a little stirred up now, I really really would LOVE to get a masters of textile conservation from Oxford. But how on earth can I presume to think I would get in there?? My marks are mediocre despite my enthusiasm(read: obsession) with all things textiles. Is it possibly enough to get my through the admission process? I can’t even gather information about what the admission requirements would be because the program isn’t even organized yet. I would love to go to England, I would love to get a master’s in textile conservation, and I would love to go to Oxford. Could the stars possible align for me just this once? Pleasepleaseplease????


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