Oh my God.

Oh my God. OhmyGod. I just found a dress from the 1930’s in my sewing room. I was digging around trying to find some stuffing for my 18th century bumroll and I found a xerox box full of 1930’s antique textiles and this dress was in it. I’m in love. I tried it on of course and its only barely fit (thank god it was bias cut). I am definately going to recreate it. Its a beautiful shade of slate blue with little “paste” jewels sewn all over. I love everything about it. The skirt details were fabulous, the colour is amazing, the neckline lies perfectly on me. I really have to have one of my own. I’m curious where if came from though. My Mom probably got it from my grandma so its possible that it belonged to a relative of mine. I’m thrilled that I found it though. Its beautiful!



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