Back in O-town

Yes I’m back in Ottawa! Its nice to be back home. In cotuming news I’ve finished one half of my 18th cenutry stays and I’m halfway through sewing the leather binding on the other half. I got a significant amount done on the train yesterday but I couldn’t finish because I ran out of thread(Oops). I really want to get this project finished because I’ve been working on these stays for about four weeks now and I’m getting very tired of them. I want to get on with this oufit!

I’ m going to Montreal this weekend! I’m going with my mom and we’re going to do fun stuff like see the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit and go fabric shopping, I’m super excited! Then the weekend after that I’m doing my costume demo at the Bytown Museum. I’ll be there from 1-3pm if any of you are in the area and want to stop by. I think I’m going to wear my 1860’s outfit and have my 18th century underwear on display. I’m super super thrilled that I actually get to wear my hoop skirt!!! YAYYYY!

Then back to waterloo on the 6th of september for school. Summer’s almost over and I’m super excited for fall. I love fall! I think I’m going to bake an apple pie in the first week of school…


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