More corseting

So I managed to put in all the reed into the boning channels yesterday. It took far longer than I like to think to finish that step. Especially considering my growing fears about fit! I’ve my fingers crossed that it will all work out! Today I got all the eyelets done on the back and marked the eyelets for one side of the front. All this hand sewing is starting to get to me. It’s frustrating because I now have all the materials I need to complete this outfit but my fingers won’t sew quickly enough! I also left my camera up at my field school so all I have are crappy phone camera pictures. Oh well!

Oh and I also rediscovered some pictures on my phone that I took of the buckram form I made for my 1860’s bonnet

In this image you can also see my lovely basement 🙂

The finished product!

I really need to finish that essay of mine thats due on Tuesday… Think stock buckles, not sewing!

P.S. I have no idea what I should lace this corset with, anyone have any suggestions?


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