regency minded.. again…

So I just bought fabric for my middle-class Elizabethan outfit and now my mind is stuck on regency dresses *sigh*. I am so fickle! In any case this is my

-basic late 18th century chemise(already made)
-new stays like these except with thinner straps that tie in the front:

-a long petticoat, maybe worn with straps. This really talented costumer posted a video where she wears it but I couldn’t find a picture of it on her website.
-the dress I’m going to make following this pattern but I’m going to put in a drawstring under the bust and around the neckline instead of the collar-and-ruffle thing included in the pattern. I printed out the pattern and taped it together to get a feel for the pattern.

-and finally an apron with straps like the shop girl in this picture

I’m thinking green for this dress, unless of course I find some fabric prettier in another colour!


2 thoughts on “regency minded.. again…

  1. Woo, cool apron. You should make a bonnety thing like the girl in the red dress sitting down. Is that just a head band?
    P.S. If you get a husband/bf will you make him foppish outfits to wear?

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