Sewing Update!

Since school ended I’ve been doing quite a bit of sewing… like A LOT. Today I took a TON of pictures of stuff that you can see!

So In chronological order of completion:

RECAP: Victorian Undies – Finished at school

Chemise, corset and drawers

Elliptical hoop

Petticoat over hoop

1) Mid-Nineteenth Century Outfit #1
A two-piece outfit like this was not the norm in the 1860’s. It was normally worn by girls or trendy young women. At some point I’m going to make a black “bolero” jacket to go with it. The trim around the hem is some 100-year old trim from my Grandma. The shirt is made of a sheer swiss dot cotton. This outfit is worn over my Victorian undies.

Some detail shots

2) Mid-Nineteenth Century Outfit #2
This Day dress is based on a photo of my great-great-grandmother. I’d post a scan of it but my scanner is broken 😦 Its not an exact copy but it has pretty much all of the main elements. Most of my birthday gift certificates went into this fabric and I SO do not regret it!

Detail shot of the bodice(sans buttons and buttonholes)

3) Mid-Nineteenth Century Bonnet
I am so proud of this bonnet! I have never done anything like this before. Millinery was an entirely new experience for me and it turned out really well. The hat consists of a buckram form with wired edges covered in silk and my lining fabric. I used the empire version of the Clara Christine pattern from Timely Tresses I used the form pattern the same but I covered the bonnet in a similar fashion to one displayed on the website that they actually don’t include instructions for. But i wanted that bonnet and i was gonna have it dammit!

4)Late 16th Century Fitted Gown
This gown is straight out of The Tudor Tailor. I only altered it for fit because I loved the design exactly the way it is. I’m super proud of the sleeves, they came out quite well. It closes with hooks and eyes in the front and is lined in cream linen-look. Normally I would use real linen but this stuff was ridiculously cheap so I couldn’t pass it up. I do want to make a new red linen kirtle to wear underneath because my only kirtle is fawn coloured and wool AND laces up in front so it simply CANNOT do! Not that they didn’t wear stuff like that in period, I just don’t want to. I’m going to make a new linen cap too but not until I’m back in waterloo, I left my nice white linen there.

5) Floral Half-Circle Skirt
I bought this fabric with birthday gift certificate last year and made a retro dress out of it. I bought a whole bunch extra fabric intending to make more stuff out of it and I’ve finally gotten around to it. I whipped this together one day last week, and it turned out great. Its a little more than a half circle with a small waistband and a zipper at the side. I used my Mom’s fancy new machine to do some decorative stitching around the hem jsut for fun and it ended up stiffening the hem a bit which is nice. Look I got new shoes too!

6) Short Floral Jacket(In Progress)
I used this Butterick pattern for a short jacket but lined it in cotton broadcloth. This jacket will forever remind me of spiderman since I watched the first movie while I cut this out and sewed it up.

7)Havana Nights Dress(In Progress)
This dress is the dress I made last spring when I originally bought this jacket. The dress I made out of it then really didn’t suit me so I’m remaking it. My inspiration for this dress came straight out of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. I ❤ this movie. It’s so cheesy but I love the music and all the pretty pretty dresses.

8) A Summer Purse(In Progress)
My regular purse is black leather. It sucks when its hot and sticky out so I’m going to make a new one out of leftover scraps of the floral fabric.
Whew! Alot of stuff in there. I’ll post pictures of more stuff when I finish it.

Every Summer my Mom battles against critters in her garden. Usually groundhogs are the culprits who actually chow down on her plants. She and I and our neighbour Bill were sitting in our backyard on sunday when this groundhog comes along wandering through our garden. My Mom and Bill manage to corner him and then bait this trap so that they can take the groundhog away and release it far from anyone’s garden. Lo an behold the none-to-smart critter is trapped and then released in the wilds off by the ski trail and we all come back to enjoy our critter-free backyard. As we’re settling in again, Bill spots ANOTHER groundhog crossing his backyard. It eventually moves into out yard the same way the first one did and we trap it in the same spot as the first one. It to is trapped and set free in the same spot as the first. This is quite the record for my family! I’ll never forget the image of my Mom herding groundhogs towards a trap with a spear-like tomato stake. She looked like an African warrior or something!


7 thoughts on “Sewing Update!

  1. Ahahha, the groundhogs remind me of when the Weasleys have a gnome infestation in their garden.
    Also, that is a fair bit of sewing you’ve done! It all looks fabulous.

  2. Everything looks amazing but number four is incredible!
    How has your summer been going other than sewing? 😛 Did you end up looking into that internship? When are you coming back to ‘loo?
    And random… is your sister in Toronto this semester? Because I could have sworn I saw her haha.

    1. Well my summer has pretty much BEEN sewing, so its going good!! The internship fell through because the conservator at CMC is going on vacation, but she was totally like “call me next year!!!!” And yes my sister IS in Toronto, you might have seen her. She live on Bay street I think… I’m back in Waterloo on the 25th but then I’m going up to Toronto that weekend to visit Kate. My field school doesn’t actually start until the 2nd.

      1. Oh, that’s too bad. 😦 Oh well, next year!
        Hah it must have been here, because I was on Bay! I haven’t seen her in sooo long so I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to make a fool of myself haha.
        Okay well maybe we can do something? My first week of August is pretty insane with four finals and I’m not sure about your field school but it’s been a long time since I saw you. 😦

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