Possible Textile Conservation Internship!

A co-worker of mine from last summer is just finishing up a 4-week internship at the Canadian Museum of Civilization and she thinks I might have a chance at doing one as well! I’m super excited because it would be really great to get some experience doing what I think I’d like to do as a career. There are absolutely no guarantees that this would pan out but even a chance makes me hopeful and excited. I’m not worried about money, it isn’t a priority this summer since I have savings from last summer. I’m just feeling so enthusiastic about this possibility. I really hope it works out – it would be just perfect! I would be having an experience-gaining summer between this and my field school!!

Plus I ordered some very expensive materials for an eliptical hoop skirt. It’s my birthday present to me. Hopefully they’ll get here soon! I’m going to make this one

I also just wrote my classics exam and I think it went well! Fingers crossed!


5 thoughts on “Possible Textile Conservation Internship!

  1. Excitingggg!
    A) Hoop skirt looks AMAZINGLY cool. You should just wear it out like it’s not big. We should have a tea party where everyone has one of your costumes and we do ladies things. (Croquet, cucumber sandwhiches, lace doilies, crochet, etc)… It would be so fun. OOO and then we could go somewhere in fancy dress and be very proper. *sigh* That would be so great….

  2. That sounds really exciting Brenna! What’s the process for getting a position there?
    That hoop skirt looks amazing. Like I can imagine with some really lovely fabric over top it would look like something out of a movie.
    How many exams have you got left?

    1. I don’t really know how to apply. My coworker hasn’t answered my questions yet. I might just get her boss’ email from my Dad who, of course, knows everybody. I’m super excited about the hoop skirt! Supposedly the supplies will get here tomorrow!!! I only have 2 exams left but they’re my two hardest ones… Latin and Archaeology and the Scientific Disciplines (uggggg)

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