A Late Night

So I stayed up all night last night. Mostly for fun. I was sort of doing work but not really. My sleep schedule has been so off track lately. I kinda slept in until 2 yesterday afternoon so today shouldn’t be too much of a trial. It was kinda nice too, to get some quiet time. My neighborhood is so silent in the morning. Big surprise there! I go to watch the sun come up too which is an event for me. I took a couple of pics because I thought the clouds were kinda neat. A few minutes after I took these the light changed from this beautiful golden colour to just gray as the sun slipped behind the line of clouds. The light was so… fleeting… Anyway reality hits again today as I have my first class in a few weeks not counting my night classes which suck anyway. Stupid strike screwed everything up. My sleep schedule isn’t the only thing thats off…

These are just pictures out my bedroom window


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