Life, right now

My bottom left wisdom tooth started aching tonight. I am NOT looking forward to getting them removed. I also don’t know when I’m going to get the time to have the surgery before the end of exams! In other news I’m about 2 chapters behind in Latin. I’m going to see if I can catch up tonight. Wish me luck! I’m also making croissants. They’re taking forever but I’m hoping they will turn out.

My week was super busy with the addition of my new job. We were making a pair of costumes: Link and Zelda. From the video games right? Well I was working mostly on the link costume and I sewed a total of 114 eyelets in that costume. It took me approximately 11 hours to finish them up. On thursday I worked 14 hours. Luckily not in one go and mostly at home. I was extremely tired on friday and saturday. For about the three days before that I had worked and gone to class, thats about it. If I disliked the work I would so not be able to take it. Luckily the work is easy if monotonous sometimes, and my new bosses are really fun.

I went to help Leanne sew the sleeve of her bilaut (ie. today. It was fun, we watched Anne of a Thousand Days. Its about Anne Boleyn (obviously!). The costume made me want to work on 16th century stuff so I came home and worked on my early 16th century German dress. I had hoped to put together an underskirt for it but I got caught up in finishing the collar and didn’t get around to it… Oh well!

The exam schedule is up. My last exam is on the 23. Not bad considering the exams last until the 29th. And I don’t have any around my birthday!!!! Hurray!!!!!!

Well thats all the news from Brennaland. I hope life is good for you too!


One thought on “Life, right now

  1. Nice on the exam schedule!
    I may have asked this before, but are you going to stay on there at that job over the summer? Or are you going back to Ottawa after your summer school thing?
    Good luck with the wisdom teeth. 😦 It won’t be as bad as you think but it’s definitely still scary before you go.
    How was Anne of a Thousand Days? I love that era but some of the movies are so so.

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