Odds and Ends

The reason for this post is a) because I’m bored and b) because I have a bunch of stuff I was trying to fit into my msn name but I thought it was just to long

Item number 1
I have a title! I am the Miracle Yarn Mistress! This title was bestowed upon me by none other than Elvira Mistress of Gout herself! along with lady Adabadina from the Isle of Frying Pan and the Duchess of Spoons, our house has as many nobles as a palace!

Item number 2: I DESPISE the library
so my tale of woe is that this afternoon I decided I was going to go and photocopy as many of the readings as I can for my archaeology class. Its a simple process, find the books, photocopy appropriate pages. When I arrive at the library I look up the call numbers so that I can get the books on reserve. No luck one is out on loan till the end of the month and one doesn’t turn up in the system at all! This is still ok I’ll just get what I can right? I manage to get my hands on one text and trot on over to the photocopier. I manage to photocopy one article and all the photocopiers in the library cease to work. ALL of them. I go down to the singularly unhelpful staff at the information desk. They really have no clue… And in all of the what-will-happen-if-we-push-THIS-button and the are-you-sure?-let-me-do-it-again-three-times-to-be-sures’ I discover I’ve left my onecard by the photocopier upstairs. I run upstairs to grab it and lo and behold its gone. I was gone for LITERALLY 10 minutes and someone had picked it up. At that point I gave up and went home. And profs wonder we students don’t read the readings put on reserve???

Item number 3
I cook to relieve stress. After my midterm I made apple sauce with mulling spices and a pured soup with potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and coriander; both of which are now, despite being delicious, sitting uneaten in my fridge…

Item number 4
I also had my Archaeology and the Scientific Disciplines midterm tonight. Kate tells me that this is one of the classes they use to weed out the non-fanatical archaeology students. I damn well REFUSE to be weeded out! I’m just as fanatical as the next arch student! Just you watch me obsess about archaeology related topics!

Anyway that was my day today. I hope yours was better.


2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

    I want to eat your food. It’s like hanging out in the kitchen of a five star hotel.
    Also, how busy does the end of october look for you at the moment? Say, the last weekend of? How do you feel about say… travelling? eh? hm? hm?

  2. Aw don’t hate on the library. I love the library.
    I admit I would have been extremely frustrated too though. Did you end up getting your id back? Oh and I dunno if you guys have this (I assume so since we share a library system) but you can call items back and the person who has it has a couple of days to ring it back. Not much help if you need it right away, but a solution of sorts.
    Did you end up getting that Cornish game hen haha? Or hens I guess it was.
    Aaaand finally. My insaneness has abated a bit, has yours? Can I come visit this weekend? 😀

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