So I bought more ikea stuff today. This was my third trip and I still have a few things to get. I’ve gone twice with Ali but today I went with my mom (P.S. Ali I’m a total loser because I forgot that we were supposed to go shopping. I’m kidnapping you after work tomorrow so that we can go look at pretty fabric).I’ve mostly been buying kitchen stuff. If you want to see pictures and details check under the cut.

I got a set of four bowls and plates of the DINERA in green. Its stoneware and has a really nice dimpled surface. They had dishes that were a brighter green but I think the subtler colour will suit me better for longer.

I also got one of their serving platters on my Mom's advice

I got cutlery and a few tool like this whisk. All my cooking tools are red to match ^_^

I got this shoe organizer (mostly because its green and stripe-y) and the drawers that fit in it too. I’ll porbably get the full sized sweater one as well. I’ve found I like folding things more than I like hanging them.

So whats left is for me to get two sets of drawers on wheels to go under my desk and mirror. I really missed having a mirror in rez… I mean I had one but it was set behind my sink and I couldn’t see my whole self in it. Oh and my mom said she’s buy the drawers for me because my parents haven’t bought me any furniture yet. I also talked to my dad about making a bookcase so that should be a fun summer project. I’m getting really excited to get my house all set up. I wish I could pop down to kingston like Ali and move some of my stuff in… Oh well it will just make moving day all the more… interesting. Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Ikea!

  1. I rove roo.
    And also, I can’t be kidnapped tonight, the Skofs are coming over, but I’m up for grabs tomorrow night. It was kinda funny because I was just sitting around in my jim jams until about 4 before I realized what time it was and that you hadn’t called and that it would take me about an hour to get ready to go out anywhere anyways.
    And I really do need to go drop more furniture off in kingston, because it’s starting to pile up in the basement. Are you contributing any large furniture other than whats going in your room to the house? Because it may be a VERY interesting moving day if you have to move a couch, a bed, etc etc.

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