My “Saturday”

I’m writing this at ali’s house on her nana’s bed. Today was the ‘saturday’ of my week and I kinda wanted to do stuff with my day. I did constructive stuff around the house and then called around but no one was there to play with me 😦 so I went shopping with my mom instead. It was nice but I wanted to see people today… Luckily when I got home ali had called. I am now sleeping over at after watching many episodes of Veronica Mars and OH MY GOD WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS SHOW BEFORE!!!!!! Its kinda really aweSome and I ❤ it very much. Teghan you will be glad to hear this i presume. Hopefully I will be caught up enough to watch it on TV at some point… and now to sleep…

P.S. life is pretty good


3 thoughts on “My “Saturday”

  1. HECK YES I’m glad. lol. I’ve been telling you for months that its a RAD show. lol. Welcome to the world of Veronica Mars, B. lol. And ya, its officially cancelled. Boohoo.
    (I own all the seasons {due to the extreme fanatic in me}so if you want to borrow them during term…)
    We should have a VM night…make Kate watch it. lol.

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