Regency costume

So.. I said I would post my sketches but my sketching skills suck so instead I’ll post some of my inspiration

So I’m actually making this corset right now. I drafted the pattern yesterday and today and now I’m putting together the ‘good copy’ out of white cotton twill. My version’s cording with be a little more simplistic than the one used here but mine will have a busk(, two gores on the bust line, but straps that will tie in the front right about where the straps of this one connect. I made the front a little extra higher on the front so that I can put in a drawstring like this one.

I’m going to make a cotton chemise cut like this one, probably without the lace.

These re pantelettes, mine will be with pleats instead of tucks, and with different lace of course.

the actual dress with have pleats one bodice like this one and similar short poufy sleeves

the hem of my dress will have pleats like these and I’ll be making a short “spencer” jacket like this one, but probably not pink…

I like these shoes… I might try to make them…

My hat will probably be shaped like this one, but not with the fabric… its icky, I might edge the front with ribbon or something.

I’m going to make/get stockings as well. It should turn out nicely ^_^ I went through all the vintage fabrics and stuff that my grandma gave me and I think I’ll use some of it in this costume. I have about a yard and a half of a nice sea foam coloured silk which I’d like to use for the spencer but I’m not a huge fan of sea foamy colour… oh well I’ll have to see.


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