End of holidays *sigh*

Last full day in Ottawa. *sigh* I’m feeling better for my holidays but I just feel so comfortable here, despite the slight annoying-ness of the parentals. I also enjoy having a car ^_^ Went to Hil’s last night. It was ok but it kinda sucked cause I had a headache for most of the night. But besides that it was really good to see people. But Ali I think I grabbed your scarf by mistake on my way out. The one I took was red and pink striped, mine was red with pink whie and black stipes at the ends. I hope you grabbed it but its ok if you didn’t.

On to the inevitable costuming. I got a couple of really good costuming books, which makes me happy! And I got a Fabricland gift certificate which resulted in this:

There’s a nice dark blue wool blend and some linen to line the dress with. I’ve wanted a blue dress for quite a while now. It just occured to me that I could use this fabric for my as of yet unstarted burgundian gown. I had planned to use a pretty wine coloured wool for the burgundian but the blue would go very nicely… anywayI also got some books!

Fashion in the age of the Black Prince and Textiles and Clothing: 1150-1450

I haven’t had a chance to really look at the Black Prince yet but Clothing has lots of great pictures of extant textiles. I’m probably going to spend the day packing and tracking down the aforementioned scarf. Happy New Year everyone!


2 thoughts on “End of holidays *sigh*

  1. awwww brennana i don’t waaaaaant you to go!
    in the immortal words of kirsten dunst in elizabethtown: “i will miss your lips and everything attatched to them.”
    and thats not me being a lezzer. thats me saying i’ll miss you like mad, girlie.

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