15th century housebook

hello all,
So I’m talking to Jon on msn and I figure I’ll just post everything here and explain it all so I can show you all! *disclaimer* this post contains gushiness on my part about the loveliness that is 15th century German dresses ^_____^

So I’ve been working on this dress… its made up of linen fabric and red wool taken from a coat I bought second hand for 8 bucks. Because the main fabric was already cut up pieces salvaged from the coat, I was limited in the way I could cut the pattern pieces (ie I cut it with a waist seam).

What it looks like all laid out on my bed.

What I did tonight: I attached the sleeves, and finished the resulting seam and sewed 16 eyelets in the two sleeves. The skirt isn’t attached yet but I can’t do that until I finish the inside of the bodice but I have to put in the stiffening in the front before I do THAT, and my hemp is at home…

A picture of the original image that my dress is loosely based on

What my sleeves will eventually look like

So I have to:
-put in the hemp cord in the channels sewn in the bodice
-finish the inside of the bodice around the hemp
-pleat and attach the skirt
-put in eyelets in the front
-finish the front seam of the skirt
-hem the skirt

I also need to make a new chemise so that I can have pretty pouffy sleeves ^___^ I actually thought to myself after I had attached the sleeves ‘well at least its in two pieces instead of the 2 pieces it was in before!’… I don’t know if anyone will understand that but it seemed funny to my fatigued brain o_O

My fingers are quite sore now. I ended up needing to put tape on the tips of a few of my fingers so I wouldn’t lose anymore skin… Thanks for reading guys!


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