Curtains! and a halloween card.

So yeah I was musing today about my life(what else?). I decided that I would really like to be making my life into what I imagine it to be. I want to start living and adult life instead of preparing for ‘someday’. Alas there’re at least another 3 3/4 years of schooling to get through. So I decided to curl up and read a book instead. I was going to close my curtains but it would be to dark then so instead I threw a largish scarf over the curtain-bar-thingy and presto! New curtains. I thought it would be really easy to replace the ickky plastic one with two rectangles of fabric slung on either side of the bar. I could also tie them back like I have the plastic one.

In other news my mom sent me a care package!

awwww mommy ^____^ its a halloween card and the cats’ eyes glow when you open it. One more midterm to go, HI110 on monday and then i’m done for a few weeks – And then it begins again *sigh*…


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