Medieval fair

So I volunteered at the medieval fair yesterday. It was pretty good. I sat at our tent and distributed pamphlets on the medieval studies program and the medieval students society. I wore my reproduction from the Trés Riches Heures illumination. I met a few people who are interested in medieval stuff at the level I’m at which is good. Coincidentally the three or so people are in the SCA and said I should come to their meetings and stuff. One of those three is a girl in her 3rd year in the archaeology program here at laurier. She’s also in the archaeology society so I should see her there. It’s really nice to be recognized as in a period outfit by people who know what they’re talking about 🙂

I bought a few things. I'm going to give the little mushroom and the soap to my Mom for her birthday and the cup and pin are for me. The soap is nutmeg and lemon scented.
Yeah I found this amusing...

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